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Alphabet Lab Diamond Pendant

Size Guide
Size Guide
prestwick place moissanite
Size Guide
prestwick place moissanite

Prestwick Place is proud to announce that we are the first Australian fine jewellery brand with the expertise and resources to grow and cut alphabetical lab-grown diamond letters from a single rough diamond.

After a meticulous examination of each rough diamond, our skilled craftsmen cut and shape it into any letter of the English alphabet.

Each unique diamond is custom-cut per order, ensuring that no other shape or letter exists until you create it.

The diamond letter is set in an invisible dome setting, with a delicate white or yellow gold encasement that protects the stone's perimeter.

Our diamond alphabet letters are the perfect choice for those seeking something rare, unique, and truly one-of-a-kind.


*Please note that the ability to purchase, cut, or obtain a diamond letter from anywhere else is virtually nonexistent. Prestwick Place is the only place in Australasia where you can acquire these exclusive creations.



• 16" Chain Length 
Shown loose and set as a signet ring, for scale.


• Made to order (4-12 weeks)
• Handcrafted in Queensland, Australia
• Metal: 18K Yellow Gold  (pictured)
• Centre Stone: Alphabetical Lab Diamond
• Cut: Alphabet Letters
• Size Total: 0.85ct
• Colour: D Colour
• Clarity: VVS1
Mohs Scale: Diamond 10 Hardness


Why VS1?

Many Lab-Grown Diamonds available to purchase in-store and online are typically supplied as a SI1 standard only. The Prestwick Lab-Grown Diamond is as a VS1 standard.

VS1 is a high clarity grade diamond with no eye-visible inclusions and only small, hard to identify inclusions. These diamonds represent the top 5% of all gem quality stones and are highly recommended as a blend of value and quality. VS1 graded diamond are very clear to the naked eye. 

The Prestwick Place VS1 clarity Lab-Diamonds are two to three grades lower than our VVS1 Lab-grown Diamonds.

Why D Colour?
Diamond colour is typically graded on a scale descending from D, which means no hint of colour, to Z.  A well-cut D colour lab-diamond has a bright, icy white appearance that looks stunningly beautiful.
It is important to note that D colour diamonds are valuable because they are rare, and we believe in providing excellence over cutting corners when it comes to the colour of a Lab-grown diamond.


The Prestwick Diamond is a lab-created stone, meaning it is both ethically and responsibly sourced.