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4.5ct Pink Diamond Yvonne Eternity Band

Size Guide
Size Guide
prestwick place moissanite
Size Guide
prestwick place moissanite

Pink diamonds are extremely rare and coveted, Our Yvonne Pink Diamond Eternity Band is no different. This 5 carat Eternity band is a symbol of grace, hope and strength. 

As each Pink Diamond is carefully handset in its perfectly crafted U-Shape setting, this full band is a reminder of resilience and love.

Pink tends to symbolise femininity, tenderness and love so it's only natural that pink diamonds are also seen as an expression of creativity and romance.

Incredibly rare, immensely valuable, and uniquely Australian, pink diamonds have captivated the world's attention. As such, the exquisite beauty of these diamonds has inspired Prestwick Place to craft a piece, with 10% of all sales directly supporting national breast cancer initiatives.

The Prestwick Place Lab-Grown Diamonds are in fact real diamonds and offer the same brilliance, sparkle, and shine of a natural, mined diamond.

Our Round Cut Lab-Diamond is a beautifully symmetrical stone with 57 facets that allow for nearly 100% light return. This means that round cut diamonds reflect virtually all the light that enters back to the viewer's eye. Such a high percentage of brilliance is not possible with any other diamond shape. 
Round diamond cuts are historically the most popular diamond cut. They have a classic, timeless look that truly pairs well with any style engagement ring setting.

A lab-grown diamond should be considered and treated just as a natural diamond would as it contains the exact same properties as naturally formed diamonds. 
The only thing that makes a lab-grown diamond different from a mined diamond is its origin.
A lab-grown diamond touches fewer hands, is conflict-free, they are less ecologically damaging than a mined diamond and they are 30% to 50% less expensive than their earth mined diamond equivalents.

Each and every one of us has, in some way or another, felt the profound impact of cancer and our Yvonne Pink Diamond Eternity ring is a dedication to those who have been touched by the C word. 


• Approximately 4.5 carat total weight* 
• Band width 3.3mm
• Approximately 20-30 Round stones*
*CTW dependant on finger size


• Made to order (4-7 weeks)
• Handcrafted in Queensland, Australia
• Metal: 18K Yellow Gold (pictured)
• Setting Stones: Lab-Grown Pink Diamond
• Cut: Round

• Colour: Pink
• Clarity: VS+
• Polish: Excellent
• Symmetry: Excellent
• Mohs Scale: 10 Diamond Hardness

Why Choose Pink?

Lab-grown pink diamonds, constituting less than 5% of manmade diamonds, are exceptionally rare. Typically, these diamonds command a higher price than their colorless counterparts due to their scarcity.

Pink diamonds have long been revered as an exclusive segment within the diamond industry. Their rarity and exquisite beauty make them sought after by those seeking a truly exceptional piece.

For lovers of the pink diamond, these gems are synonymous with femininity and romance. Often used as symbols of tenderness or sweetness, pink diamonds are also thought to embody gracefulness and elegance.

The Prestwick Diamond is a lab-created stone, meaning it is both ethically and responsibly sourced.