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Materials That Cause Ecological Devastation Too

Prestwick Place moissanite and lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable and definitely more ethical than mined diamonds.

Well, what about the metals we use to set these stones? (Platinum and Gold)

Where are they sourced?

Are they also sustainable?


As a team, we are all united in our concerns about the current and ongoing climate crisis and the difference our production processes and decisions can make.
As such, as a company, we only use recycled precious metals.
To give you some insight, recycled gold produces up to 99.8% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than mined gold and recycling platinum produces only about one-twentieth the emissions that mining for platinum does.  
In short, metal mining is categorically destructive to the environment and harmful to the communities that surround these mines.
For those that did not know, many gold mines use mercury and cyanide to extract the gold, which in turn contaminates the surrounding environment.
As a company, we are a passionate and united team of people dedicated to  changing the approach to the way in which fine jewellery is crafted.

We do not support these environmentally devastating practices and do not buy any newly-mined precious metals.