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How do you tell the difference between mined and lab diamond?

The differences between Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

Diamonds grown in a lab have the same physical and chemical properties and exhibit the same optical properties as those found in the earth. 

Both mined and lab diamond should always be accompanied with an official gemologist certificate from either: GIA , IGI or GCAL.
This certificate will state clearly if the diamond is lab grown or mined, making this one of the easiest ways to tell them apart. 

In addition to this certificate, lab grown and mined certified diamonds will have a microscopic laser inscription on their girdle. This is not visible to the naked eye however, can be identified with a jewellers loupe.  

A diamond laser inscription is a combination of letters and numbers engraved into the stone, usually on the girdle. These symbols serve as a unique identifier that can be used to identify a specific stone if necessary. Inscriptions enable you in distinguishing your diamond from other stones.


Lab-grown diamonds are created using extreme pressure and heat inside a machine rather than the bowels of the Earth.

Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds in every way, except that they are grown in a lab. They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds however, they are free from all forms of conflict, they do not impose ecological harm and damage to our environment and they do not require any diamond mining.