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Oval Marquise Trilogy - 2.1ct Lab Diamond

Size Guide
Size Guide
prestwick place moissanite
Size Guide
prestwick place moissanite

The Prestwick Oval Marquise Diamond trilogy consists of a 1.5 carat oval cut diamond as the centre stone, with two marquise diamonds placed on either side of the centre diamond.

A trilogy ring typically symbolises the past, present and future, making it a sentimental choice for engagement rings.

The Prestwick Place Lab-Grown Diamonds are in fact real diamonds and offer the same brilliance, sparkle, and shine of a natural, mined diamond.

A lab-grown diamond should be considered and treated just as a natural diamond would as it contains the exact same properties as naturally formed diamonds. 
The only thing that makes a lab-grown diamond different from a mined diamond is its origin.
A lab-grown diamond touches fewer hands, is conflict-free, they are less ecologically damaging than a mined diamond and they are 30% to 50% less expensive than their earth mined diamond equivalents.

Our Oval Marquise trilogy setting is ideal for those who adore the elegant, flowing lines of oval diamonds and appreciate the beautiful display of multiple diamonds across the finger. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a feminine and sophisticated look, showcasing the brilliance and charm of both oval and marquise diamonds in a stunning, horizontal arrangement.



• 1.8mm solitaire band
Shown on a size H finger, for scale.


• Made to order (4-7 weeks)
• Handcrafted in Queensland, Australia
• Metal: 18K YG (as shown)
• Centre Stone: Oval Lab Diamond
• Shoulder Stone: 2 x Marquise Lab Diamond 
• Cut: Emerald
• Centre Size: 1.5 Carat  + Two x Shoulder Size: 0.30 Carat
• Colour: D
• Clarity: VS1
• Cut: Excellent
• Polish: Excellent
• Symmetry: Excellent
• Mohs Scale: Lab-Diamond 10 Hardness
• Diamond Certification: IGI, GIA, GCAL