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Important notes about your Micro Pavé

(pronounced pah-vay)
A Pavé setting of stones originates from France.
“Pave” in French means “pavement” – and that’s exactly how these stones look once set. A pavement of small stones side by side.
Naturally, these stones are prone to falling out since they’re tiny and their resting place is even smaller.




What is pave?

Pavé refers to the effect of “paving” a jewellery surface with small stones and gems. This is done by drilling holes directly into the metal and fitting and laying said stones into those holes like cobblestones.


Why we love Pavé? 

Pavé set rings have one continuous shine. This setting also allows for the centre stone to be highlighted and exemplified through the sparkle of the side stones. Pavé in a halo or basket setting can also make a centre stone look bigger and add shine to the centre stone. The pavé setting is also extremely flexible and works beautifully within modern or vintage-style engagement rings.


Is it common for pavé to fall out?

Pavé stones do not usually fall out easily or regularly, although it does happen. When you make a ring with a pavé band or basket setting, each stone is held and mounted to the ring using tiny beads or tiny prongs that minimise the look of the metal. Less metal means there is less security to keep each stone paved and intact.


How to Prevent Your Pavé From Falling Out?

  • Avoid Getting Your Ring Overexposed to Water
  • Never Use Cleaners Containing Unknown or Harsh Chemicals. (Where possible, opt for plant based cleansers)
  • Do Not Put Your Jewellery through Ultrasonic Cleaning Too Often
  • ALWAYS remove your jewellery when washing dishes, performing hard/manual labour, when at the gym, gardening etc


What if my Pavé fall out?

If your pavé or micro-pavé fall out or come loose within the first 6 months of purchase, this is completely covered and will be replaced free of charge. 
Simply email us with your order details and we will advise you your next steps in retuning your ring to us for a simple repair. 

If your pavé or micro-pavé fall out or come loose after first 6 months of purchase, simply email us with your order details and we will advise you as to your next steps in retuning your ring to us for a simple repair. Once your piece has been received and assessed we will quote your repair accordingly. 


What to consider when adding Pavé?

As with any style of ring, there are also some caveats to adding pavé to any setting. A full band pavé (those who opt for a setting without our standard spacer) will face difficulty when resizing the ring. There’s also a low but still present chance of losing the side stones. When caring for your ring, it is important to remember that soaking or overexposing a paved set engagement ring increases the likelihood of stones coming loose — be sure to take extra care in cleaning and maintaining a pavé engagement ring.

How to clean my Pavé Ring?

As with all other precious jewellery, please always use a cleaning solution that’s designed specifically for the metal and the gemstone that you are wearing.
If you do not have a cleaning solution that’s made for that jewellery, ensure that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm soapy water. No chemicals or harsh abrasive materials should ever be used.
Use the brush to ensure you clean in and around prongs and crevices on the ring.

Our Ring Cleansers are the perfect way to clean any setting with or without pavé. They are formulated using plant powered, environmentally friendly properties and are gentle enough to be used on all Moissanite and pavé setting. 

Our ring cleansers can be found here

To further extend the life of your ring, we advise to always be sure to remove your jewellery or while cooking, cleaning, gardening, exercising etc to ensure that your setting does not get filmy, dirty, oily or greasy.