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Choosing Your Stone


Advice for the guys when choosing an engagement ring – This is ground zero and if you are going alone, try and choose a style that compliments her current jewellery tastes. If her style is vintage, then look for Art Deco designs. If she is more of a traditional girl, then a classic solitaire design is likely to be the winner. If you really get stuck, have a look at her Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram profiles. Our advice is however, if possible, consult her best friend. This is critical because you can't risk getting this wrong and the chances are she will have discussed exactly what she wants with her closest friends. 

For the ladies – When choosing an engagement ring, our best advice is to try on as many different styles as you can. Look for the things you love in each design. The cut, the size, the metals. You will know when you find “THE ONE”, it will be the design that makes your heart skip a beat. 

Our biggest tip – Take your time and wait until you find the one you can't get off your mind. 

At this stage of your journey forget about the diamond size, the quality and the budget. If you only ever look at a particular budget you might miss your dream ring, so keep your horizons open. Once you have found your dream engagement ring, customisations to to suit any budget or stone size can be achieved. 


choosing an engagement ring diamond

In the beginning when you are choosing an engagement ring you really want to just focus on what shape Moissanite you are. Do you love the traditional round brilliant cut Moissanite? Or are you looking for something a little more modern in the princess cut? If your partner has long slim fingers than maybe a fancy cut stone like the pear, oval or marquise cut stone might be ideal. Also consider whether it is a single stone ring you are after, or whether you would like to have shoulder stones. If you are wanting to have shoulder stones in your engagement ring, explore all the options. Whether to match the shape of your centre stones to your shoulder diamonds is really a personal preference. 


Typically when buying a diamond, this can sometimes be one of the most challenging elements to balance; do you opt for a larger diamond of lower quality? Or choose a diamond that is slightly smaller and more brilliantly cut? Fortunately, when shopping for a Moissanite, sacrifice to budget for a larger stone is rarely an issue. 
Ultimately, when selecting your Moissanite, you want to consider the place you are buying it from and the quality/composition of the stone. Is your stone traceable? What are your colour options, DEF (colourless) or GHI (near colourless)?

All of the above are important factors that you should consider when purchasing your stone. Factors such as colour and cut are of the upmost importance and you should always, were possible, opt for a DEF colourless stone.


One of the common questions raised when choosing an engagement ring is whether to go with Platinum or White Gold. The usual advice we suggest is to opt for Platinum for one reason only, durability. Platinum and White Gold are both durable metals which respond to impact, pressure and scratches in different ways. Platinum is a very dense metal which means it has excellent resistance to wearing away. A wedding ring made in Platinum could be worn for decades and barely lose any thickness at all. If your budget does not allow for a Platinum setting then 18ct White Gold is still an exceptional metal choice. For some clients, it might make more sense to upgrade their moissanite to a larger carat or cut, rather than upgrading their metal. 


This is the last thing we generally discuss when choosing an engagement ring.
Once you have found the design that you love, the size of the centre stone is the final choice you will have to make. And the size of this stone is dependant on your budget.  While some might have you believe that you need to spend 3 months salary (before tax and including bonuses), the truth is that when opting for a moissanite, your budget becomes greater than ever imagined.  
Fortunately, Moissanite’s lower price point is not reflective of its quality. The lower price point is simply a reflection of supply and demand in the engagement ring industry. Pricing psychology has a large impact in the evaluation because consumers often associate price with quality. However, this is not true. 

Moissanite is a gemstone originally discovered in a meteor crater. So it's literally a space rock. Moissanite looks a lot like a diamond. They're both clear and sparkly but, Moissanite is not a fake diamond and shouldn't be thought as one. It's a beautiful gemstone in its own right and in fact, has a higher refractive index (sparkle) than a diamond.

Because of how much a Moissanite looks like a diamond, it has become the most popular diamond alternative. Moissanite's are also great because they're completely earth-friendly and conflict-free. Since Moissanite is developed in a controlled lab, there's no mining involved or harm to the environment. 



This is something special that you are going to have for a very long time, and you want to make sure that it is something that you can be proud of for many years to come. Whatever your maximum budget is, in the years to come, you will never regret the money that you spent. 

Above all else, enjoy the process of finding and choosing an engagement ring. Your diamond consultant is there to help guide you through your journey. It should be an experience that you will never forget, and one that will bring you happy memories for many years to come.

If you would like someone to help guide you through your journey of finding your perfect engagement ring, we are always on hand to help you. If you would like to make an appointment to view our rings, bookings can be made here