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Close Friends Story Access

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Building Deeper Connections Through Our Close Friends Community 

Our Instagram Stories are where Prestwick Place comes alive. 

Over the last year, we have noticed a phenomenal influx of highly engaged users, especially when it comes to DM requests and Q+A on our stories. 

And while we would never close out our DMs or make our content strictly work-related only – we really do want to facilitate conversations, we really do want to create community and foster that community…  

So we have gotten to the point of creating some hardline boundaries for us as a business and as the people who you want to engage with, on a deeper level. 

Unfortunately, there is a fine line between posting too much of our personality and personal information on our public stories, until now... 

Similar to Instagram subscriptions, The PP Close Friends feature gives our followers the option to purchase an annual close friends pass for access to exclusive content available only to Prestwick Place’s close friends.

We are simply creating a new level of respect for those who are investing in us not just as Prestwick Place but as humans beings, too. 

Business? Fine Jewellery? Birkins? 

No topic is off limit - no content will be curated. 

Let’s go all in, all the time! 

Close Friends

The Prestwick Place Close Friends List gives you the ability to view and engage in exclusive content that is not available and is not shared to our greater audience.  

Once enabled, you will be instantly added to our Close Friends list on Instagram. Following this you will automatically become privy to never-before-seen, unfiltered, non-curated content.

Close friends lives and stories

As close friends, you will gain access to direct communication with The Prestwick Place, the people behind the brand and non-curated content available only to those who are on our close friends list. 


Exclusive stories posts and reels

In addition to the above, we will also share permanent content in the form of close friends posts and reels in order for us to express our most authentic selves to our core audience.  


Close Friends highlight home

Your new home for all of our Close Friends content, this will be nested as an exclusive CLOSE FRIENDS highlight located on an exclusive tab of our profile. 
The moment you are added as a Close Friend, you will instantly gain access to view this highlight. This is otherwise hidden to our general audience.

A paywall to access our Close Friends list ensures that the people added to this list are genuinely wanting to interact with us, on a more personal level. This activation offers a heavier focus on what you want to see and interact with. 

The Close Friends activation allows us to build a connection with our followers on a deeper level, not just as a brand. 

So much of what we do on our platform is educating people about taboo topics, in a raw, unfiltered way and cultivating a platform like Prestwick Place is extremely contingent on two-way interaction with you, our audience. 

Our Close Friends list offers a more intimate way of interacting, educating and sharing everything with our audience. 

Activation fee grants access to @theprestwickplace Close Friends list for one (1) year from date of purchase. In order to be added to our Close Friends list, please ensure you note your @ Instagram handle in you checkout notes.

E-commerce? Fine Jewellery? Why (IMO) Chanel is an investment? Who are we? 

No topic is off limit.

We can’t wait to see you online!